SUPER FAST Solar powered pay as you go wifi

Plexus Wifi is a solar powered city wide Wifi network providing pay as you go internet, firstly for the residents and businesses of Lusaka, Zambia then every major African city.


The network is affordable, resilient, impervious to power cuts and most importantly users can connect without the need to purchase any equipment or long term subscriptions.




Everyone should have equal opportunity and access to information, the internet is the best way to gather a lot of information so we are determined to get everyone connected!



We see a fully connected ‘smart nation’ that has everyone connected, even in the hardest to to reach areas!



We are looking forward to sponsoring events, competitions and giving back to the people of Zambia as much as we can. Investing in people, creating jobs and delivering passionately and heartily. We love what we do and think everyone should enjoy most if not all they get involved in.



Our policy is to work WITH the people of Zambia to build the network that fulfils all your needs!

We promise to listen to feedback and create viable solution that make the most logical impact in your lives. We are committed to being the best!

about plexus wifi…